Litco International’s high visibility 48" x 40" pink plastic pallets offer supply chain and logistics professionals a quick and cost effective way to visually identify pallets belonging to their pools. In addition to contributing to theft prevention, it promotes breast cancer awareness, and $2.00 from each pink pallet sale goes to The Breast Cancer Awareness Research Foundation.
The Softer Side of Material Handling

Division 10 project bidder. We provide lockers, metal shelving, dock equipment, pallet racking and mail boxes. HUB minority certified.

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Kenndy Tech Cabinets, Providing premium quality storage solutions for the industrial technician. 

Safety First

The nature of material handling work involves a number of situations with the potential to cause injury. Large, heavy carts and other
equipment are being transported through aisles that can be narrow and congested. In addition, there are often other employees moving around the same areas who may not be paying as careful attention as you are.

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure. Being sensible and vigilant can keep you and others injury-free.

Here are some tips to promote a safer work environment:     

1. Always check your route to make sure it’s clear of potential blockage or other hazards. Help yourself and others by keeping the workplace clutter-free.     

2. If you’re passing through doorways, make sure there’s enough clearance. Getting your hand or fingers caught can be painful.

3. Wear appropriate footwear such as steel-toed boots. This is arequirement at most companies, but if it’s not you should take this precaution yourself. Heavy-duty gloves can also be useful.

4. Make sure the load you’re transporting is evenly distributed. If it’s stacked too high you run the risk of objects falling on you or others.

5. Use good posture to support your back. Bend at the knees and lift with your legs.

6. Ask for assistance with loads that are too difficult to handle on your own. An even better solution is using a battery-powered material
handling tug. Contact us for more information about how we can simplify your job.


A Different Type of Guard Rail Rack guards are a different kind of guard rail. These aren't built to control traffic, but designed instead to protect the row ends of racks.If you have forklifts, bobcats or other traffic in the area, you'll want to have some additional protection from an accidental impact. A forklift that backs into the rack-type guard rail will probably cause some cosmetic damage to guard rail and/or machine, but the rack itself will most likely be unaffected.It is not wise to use the rack guard to shore up an unstable rack or one that needs maintenance. In spite of sites you may encounter where the rail is practically flush with the rack, the guard rail is only meant to protect the equipment, not add structural support.


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Yard Ramp Tips
When loading and unloading materials on a yard ramp, you must be sure that your footing is secure. And when the loading is done outside, you must be sure that elements such as rain and snow don't pile up on your yard ramp to cause a slipping hazard as well. There is a simple solution to these problems -- steel grating. You may not realize it, but steel grating is everywhere. It is used for airfields, highways, industrial floors, in subways and tunnels and on docks and driveways as well as on ramps.

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